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5 MORE Top Reasons Why You Need a Planner

Monday, May 27, 2013

We spent some time in a previous blog post explaining some important reasons why you need a planner for your wedding.  Still not convinced?  Here are 5 more reasons and benefits you can reap from hiring a professional for your big day!

5.  Wedding Planners have a reliable and amazing network of vendor relationships and referrals.

A wedding planner will give you recommendations based on your style and budget. Because they use the same vendors repeatedly, the vendors have more accountability toward the planner, which is beneficial for you, the client!  Not to mention they are already familiar with their professionalism and experience their work first hand. You don’t want to be the guinea pig. On top of that a planner help you schedule (and sometimes even attend) vendor meetings, which we know can take an enormous amount of time to just research, pull pricing, and actually meet with them.  Planner know the right questions to ask a vendor to ensure it’s the right fit and logistically make sure all details are covered.

4.  Wedding Planners help you stylize and design a wedding, fit for YOU!

Wedding planners are there to help and get to know YOU.  And that means they can help you design a wedding that reflects your unique and personal character!  Why have another cookie cutter wedding?  Enlist a planner’s help to bring out the quirky, sweet, and fun details about you and your fiancé in the details of your wedding whether it’s through the flowers, décor, lighting, or even the food! Have great ideas? The wedding planner can help you put your look together and execute. For example, you have this vision of having a partial tent for your wedding, now what? What are the next steps, hire a planner and they will help you make that into reality.

3.  Wedding Planners save you TIME.

Busy with work? School? Family? Planning a destination wedding?  All of these are huge factors that really affect your time and how much of it you have.  A planner is there to help you save and make the most of your time so you can go back to focusing on what you do best, while the planner can do what they do best: plan your wedding!  Whether its meetings, research, reviewing contracts, or making phone calls, a lot of brides are surprised how much time goes into planning a wedding.

2.  Experience goes a long way

For many couples, it will be their first time getting married, so an experienced planner is key!  You simply cannot replace years of experience and knowledge that you learn from being in the field.  Make sure the planner you are looking into has the experience of a seasoned planner who has seen and done it all.  This will show in their work, the way they present themselves, and how they speak!  This experience will benefit you to ensure that you are getting the very best service from someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

1.  Your planner will be your best ally and confidant

A planner at the end of the day, has your best interest at heart.  They want to make sure that you not only LOVE your wedding, but that the process of planning it is enjoyable and manageable.  Your planner can be the extra support, ears, eyes, and hands whom you can share all of your desires and wishes for your event, and they can help make it happen!  You can count on a planner to give you professional advice that will help you process information, make decisions, orchestrate and execute the wedding.

We hope this will encourage all of you bride’s out there to consider hiring a planner to help make your lives easier and make for a smooth and enjoyable day! The wedding day goes by very fast, you should enjoy every moment of it!

Fresh Events Company

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? - See Our Top 5 Reasons

Monday, May 20, 2013

You’re engaged and now about to start the journey of planning one of the most exciting and important days of your life!  While planning can be fun (and it should be!), there is lots to do prepare and plan for your big day.  If you’re feeling over or even underwhelmed, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner to make the process as smooth as possible! Since this is your first wedding, but not ours, hiring a planner has many benefits.  Is a wedding planner right for you?  If you fit into one of these categories, then the answer is YES.

5.  You’re just too busy.

Do you have a full-time job that requires a lot of your time?  Or do you just have a lot on your plate?  A wedding planner will help you schedule (or even attend) meetings, research vendors, pick our linens and invitations, and a long list of other tasks you just don’t have time for.  Since wedding planners are professionals, they know the industry much better and can help save you valuable time by cutting out all of the research and back work that you need to do! 

4.  Your wedding is out of town.

Wedding planners are extremely useful if you have an out of town wedding whether it’s in a different city or state.  It will be helpful for you to hire someone who is familiar with the area as well as local vendors and venue.  They will also help you better allocate your budget to maximize the results and can be your representative at any meetings!

3.  You need help with design.

Wedding planners have seen it all, and thus are professionals at creating some new and unique just for you!  If you are lost and don’t know where to start with colors, textures, design, and rentals, hire a planner to take all of the guess work out of it for you!  By giving them a general idea of what you envision your wedding to be, they can create a customized and beautiful wedding that not only reflects who you are as a couple, but also works within your budget.  Everything from your chair selections, linen, lighting, lounge furniture and florals, your planner can help you create the wedding of your dreams!

2.  You’re just not that into it.

You just might not be the kind of girl who’s excited about hopping from store to store picking out centerpieces and dress colors, and that’s okay!  A wedding planner is sure to take things off of your hands that you’re not interested in doing yourself and can help you make all of the small and big decisions that you just don’t have time for, after all, it’s their job!  And your main job during this time is to enjoy your engagement, so let a planner help take care of it for you.

1.  You get easily stressed.

Does the thought of planning a wedding just stress you out?  Sure, there are lots of details and things to talk about, but at the end of the day, planning a wedding should be fun!  Hire a planner so they can help you keep a timeline, stick to your budget, and do the heavy-lifting so you can enjoy the process and the day-of too! The knowledge a professional wedding planner has is invaluable when it comes to planning ahead and anticipating your needs.

We hope this will encourage all of you bride’s out there to consider hiring a planner to help make your lives easier and make for a smooth and enjoyable day! The wedding day goes by very fast, you should enjoy every moment of it! 

Fresh Events Company

Wedding Planning Tips: Choosing Your Guestlist!

Friday, March 01, 2013
Coming with a guest list for your wedding is no easy task!  To help you figure out who should be invited and to help you decide on who you really want there, check out this handy little flow chart to help you decide! 

Wedding Planning Tips: Your Wedding Cake

Monday, February 25, 2013

Choosing the right design for your wedding cake can be a stressful process, but it definitely shouldn't be!  With so many brides and grooms showcasing their personalities and tastes, this is one area where you can as traditional as you want, or as crazy and modern as your mind will take you!  Here are some tips and photos of some of our favorite designs from this past year to give you some inspiration on creating a beautiful, sweet, and delicious cake of your dreams!

1. Choose a reputable bakery
The internet is a great place to start to do some research to read reviews and look at photos of work that bakeries have done before you actually set-up a meeting with them.  If the website's photos are not up to date, chances are, neither is their work.  You want to work with a bakery with positive feedback from married couples and who also offer a wide range of cake offerings!

2. Give yourself enough time!
Three to six months is enough time to plan the cake.  While it's not the most urgent item on many bride's to-do list, it's still an important one.  Make sure you do have an idea on the color scheme and the wedding venue first, that will really help dictate the direction of your cake design.  It's good to get the cake designed and ordered before you enter the "crunch period," which is about 2 months prior to your wedding date.

3. Taste the cake!
I can't stress this enough, make sure you set up a cake tasting before the cake is ordered!  If the cake has multiple flavors, try all of them.  Each bakery has their own variation of recipes that will affect the cake taste, the consistency, texture, and frosting flavor.  Never assume - taste!

4. Get creative!
The age of the cookie-cutter tiered white wedding cake with plastic figurine is long gone, and we're happy to see it go!  Many brides use inspiration from almost anywhere for their cake, whether its their dress, their favorite date spot, or colors.  Adornments and decor are always welcome as are bright, fun colors and modern designs.  Just check out the designs below!

creative wedding cake

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Tips: Arranging Your Tables for a Backyard Party!

Monday, February 11, 2013
When planning a party in your backyard, you need to make sure that the layout is carefully planned out to ensure all your tables, chairs, dance floors, and rentals all fit!  Watch the video below for some tips on arranging your tables to create fun, creative layouts that also work with your space!

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